Family History

Artistic Lineage

Rossnaree was purchased by the Law family in the early days of the Free State (1925). There are portraits of the Law ancestors in Rossnaree House, one of whom notably founded the Bank Of Ireland with the Finlays.

Mrs Judy Law lived at Rossnaree until her son, Robert Law, returned from Africa in 2000 with his wife, Aisling, and their family. Sadly, Robert Law passed away in 2004.

Aisling Law continues to develop Rossnaree and the marks of her own artistic lineage are clear. Aisling’s great grandmother, Maud Gonne, is one of the most famous romantic figures of Irish history. Gonne was renowned for her radical political beliefs and tireless effort to promote Irish independence. She founded the revolutionary group, the Daughters of Erin and, with William Butler Yeats, helped to establish the Abbey Theatre in Dublin.

Maud Gonne’s daughter Iseult married Francis Stuart, a prolific Irish writer who died in 2000 after receiving Ireland’s highest literary award, the Saoi of Aosdana, for his prodigious output of prose and poetry.

Aisling’s mother, the German born Irish sculptor Imogen Stuart, is one of Ireland’s most respected artists. Imogen's biography 'Imogen Stuart: Sculptor' by Brian Fallon (Four Courts Press, 2002) is available to buy on Amazon.

Aisling’s father Ian Stuart, the son of Iseult Gonne and Francis Stuart, died in 2013. He was also a sculptor who has work in The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Aisling has her own silvermark issued by Dublin Castle and has trained in Austria and Africa where she made gold jewellery using the lost wax method. Aisling has worked in many mediums including film and sculpture. After living in Florence, where she trained in the classical techniques of drawing and oil painting in an atelier south of the Arno River, Aisling founded Rossnaree School of Art.

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