Breakfast is served in the Dining Room between 8 – 10am.

The Dining Room has on old-world elegance with views across the front lawn and the Glen. For guests, a fire is lit and a sumptuous breakfast is served on antique china.

Rossnaree has a small farm with flocks of free-range farm fowls including geese, guinea fowl, hens and roosters – all of whom are cared for by our resident bird-man, Jurandir.

Full Irish Breakfast includes our hen’s eggs, freshly baked bread, organic bacon and sausages from producer John McDonnell, Slane, and seasonal vegetables foraged from our Victorian Walled Garden.

We also offer the ‘Rossnaree Stack’: A delicious Portobello Mushroom topped with John’s finest bacon and a slice of roasted tomato served with French toast quarters.

We also make our own muesli, served with Greek-style yoghurt, local honey and seasonal fruit.

All breakfast options are served with freshly squeezed orange juice, a wide selection of teas and our best roasted gourmet coffee.

When booking, please notify us of any individual needs and/or special diets. We are happy to accommodate to any needs, and we specialise in providing gluten free options

Dinner at Rossnaree

Dinner for groups of 4+ is available if booked in advance. Our dishes range from traditional Irish to Fusion cuisine.

Our Kitchen Mission is to eventually source all our ingredients from Rossnaree's land.

Alternatively, there are a number of restaurants in the local vicinity.

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