Sculpture Courses

14-6 Aug 2017

11-13 Aug 2017

17-19 Aug 2017


On this 3 day intensive course, anatomy and sculpture instructor, I.M Laszlo, from The Drawing Studio, Dublin, will teach students how to create the features of the human head in clay, using a series of sculpted models and references. Students will complete 3 pieces focusing on the details of  the eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

Students will gradually build the features learning about measurements, proportions and the basic planes. Students will be shown how to simplify a complex subject, the human face, and make it life like. The instructors in-depth knowledge is broken down, step by step, in easy to understand exercises.

Students may photograph their work in process so they can compare the different stages, approaches and the development of their work. They will explore traditional sculpting techniques in claymodelling.

Throughout the course there will be instructor demonstrations, This course is designed for both beginners and intermediate sculptors and will deepen the participants' understanding of the portrait.This Course is of great benefit for figurative sculptors and painters.

The course will cover:

Processes of sculpting in clay.

Fundamentals of anatomy for sculpting the features of the human head.

Finishing techniques.

All materials incl.

Cost is €275 including lunch for the 3 days.

To book please contact us.

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